Keeping Advent


December is here!  The countdown for Christmas is now well and truly underway.  Many of us will have Advent calendars at home to open a window a day as we look forward to December 25th... to Christmas Day when we celebrate again the birth of baby Jesus in Bethelehem.  To help us feel ready in our hearts to welcome Jesus at Christmas, we have borrowed an idea from All Saints Church, Earls Barton.  It is an Advent Diary which offers a reflection or action per day as we journey towards December 25th.  You can choose to all of the actions or pick one or two each week to do prayerfully and thoughfully.  The choice is yours.

Whatever you decide to do, may the light of Christ be born within you, be seen within and among your family, and bring joy to those around you this Advent and Christmas.

Follow this LINK to download a copy of the Advent Diary 2018.


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