Churchyard and Graves


A parishioner has a right to be buried in the churchyard of the parish in which he or she resides, provided that it has not been closed for burials by Order in Council, and provided that there is still room for burial.  All four of our churchyards (Hardwich, Mears Ashby, Overstone and Sywell) have spaces available for burials and for the interment of ashes.

A parishioner does not have a right to be buried in a particular place, which is at the vicar's discretion.  Anyone wishing to be buried in a particular place in a churchyard can only acquire a right to be buried there by obtaining a Faculty to authorise the reservation of an exclusive right of burial in a particular grave.  Please contact our vicar - Revd Katrina - to request a Faculty Petition and information on the procedure and the current fees payable.  Fees are updated by the Church of England on 1st January each year.

On the front of the form, the grave to be reserved should be referred to by row and number on a churchyard plan.  If there is no churchyard plan kept at the church. a sketch plan should be attached to the Faculty Petition showing the position of the grave to be reserved, with sufficient measurements from fixed points to enable the grave to be accurately identified.

Where a couple wish to be buried together, they may either (a) make one application for the right for both to be buried in the same grave, in which case only one set of fees is payable, or (b) make separate applications for the reservation of two adjoining gravespaces, in which case fees are payable in respect of each separate application.


The Petition will be sent to the Chancellor of the Diocese, who will normally direct that Public Notices are published at the church, to give notice of the application to parishioners and provide an opportunity for objections.  Such notices have to be published for 28 days.  If no notices of objection are received by the Registrar, the Chancellor will normally direct the granting of a Faculty.

Click here for a copy of the graveyard regulations and details of the type of grave stone permitted in the churchyards in the benefice.

If you have any questions, please contact our vicar - Revd Katrina.


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