United Benefice of
Mears Ashby, Hardwick,
and Sywell with Overstone

Our Vicar
Revd Katrina Hutchins

01604 812907

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Journeying through Lent

Lent is traditionally a time when we acknowledge our failure to live up to God's purpose for our lives.  It is not all darkness.  In the shadow of the cross, there is the light of hope - the resurrection.  God can transform our failure into glory.  He can help us to learn for the future - grow in his loving likeness.

Our 40 days of Lent began on Ash Wednesday with a service of a 7pm Holy Communion service at Mears Ashby Church.  During the service, we acknowledged our failures and turn our eyes afresh on Jesus.  For those who wish to receive this, a sign of the cross was made on our foreheads in ash.  It is a powerful and poignant sign of our desire to do better with God's guidance.

During Lent, we are journeying with the Church of England's Lent booklet - Watch + Pray: Wisdom and hope for Lent and life.  It offers a reflection for each of the 40 days.

If you would like to join us on this journey, you can sign up to receive these reflections on the Church of England's website.  Click HERE and enter your details into the sign up form.

A Prayer for Lent

Lord Jesus,
you spent forty days in the wilderness:
walk with me in the wilderness of Lent and life.
Help me to watch and pray with you daily
and guide me in your way.  Amen.


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