Thy Kingdom Come


Breath on me, Breath of God,
fill me with life anew,
that I may love what thou dost love,
and do what thou wouldst do.
Edwin Hatch (1835-1889)

Across the Church of England, we have begun a season of waiting on God's Spirit to come equip, encourage and strengthen us in our daily walk with our risen and ascended Lord, and of invitation to come an inspire others in their daily living.  From the Day of Ascension (Thursday 21 May 2020) to the Day of Pentecost (Sunday 31 May 2020), we are joining in the global season of prayer - Thy Kingdom Come.  This year, we'll be praying in our homes and gardens, and out on our daily walks, and on Sundays at Morning Worship @ 10am.

A Prayer for our season of Waiting on God's Spirit

Each day, do join with us in saying this prayer for our season of Waiting on God's Spirit:

Alimighty God,
your ascended Son has sent us into the world
to preach the good news of your kingdom:
inspire us with your Spirit
and fill our hearts with the fire of your love,
that all who hear your Word
may be drawn to you,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Take the time to reflect on its words and how God is speaking to you through them.

Daily Prayers and Reflections

If you wish, download this year's Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Journal onto your laptop, device or phone, and walk gently day-by-day through this season of waiting and invitation with the help of its readings, prayers and reflections, and beautiful illustrations on the theme of the Father's Love for us.  It includes Charlie Mackesy's illustration of the Prodigal Son which so clearly depicts how much our Father loves us.  It is a love we can hold onto in these challenging times, and one we are invited to share with others who are in need of his comforting presence.  The journal encourages us to choose five people and pray for them daily in the lead up to Pentecost, asking God to send his Spirit that they might come to know the peace of Jesus and his Father's love.  Who will you pray for in this season?  Who is holding you on their heart?

Click HERE for a downloadable copy of the Prayer Journal.

Click HERE for a printable copy of the Prayer Journal.

If you have young children at home, there is also a Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map on the Thy Kingdom Come website.  Follow this LINK to download a copy onto your device.

May this season of prayerful waiting and invitation be a fruitful one for you and for those who are on your heart at this time.

If you would like someone to pray for you, do contact me by phone or email.

God bless,

Revd Katrina

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