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    A warm welcome to the benefice of Mears Ashby, Hardwick, Sywell and Overstone.  Across our four historic churches, we offer a variety of services for people of all ages and stages in the Christian faith.  We have traditional Holy Communion and Evensong services, as well as more contemporary and informal All-age worship.  We also have regular coffee mornings (socials) and evening fellowship gatherings (faith discussions).

    Whether you are a regular churchgoer or someone seeking to know more about the Christian faith, we would love to welcome you at our services.  If you have any questions or requests, please contact our vicar Revd Katrina or e-mail the Benefice Team secretary.



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  • This Week

    Thursday 28th January

    7:00pm  Praying as one

    8:00pm  Clap for Heroes

    Sunday 31st January

    9:00am  Prayers and Reflections for Candlemas

    10:00am  Zoom - Morning Worship

    Tuesday 2nd February

    9:00am  Praying as one

    Wednesday 3rd February

    7:30pm  Fellowship Group - Getting ready for Lent: The Temptations

    Thursday 4th February

    7:00pm  Praying as one

    8:00pm  Clap for Heroes

    Sunday 7th February

    9:00am  Prayers and Reflections for 2nd before Lent

    10:00am  Zoom - Morning Worship

    Tuesday 9th February

    9:00am  Praying as one

    Wednesday 10th February

    7:00pm  Mears Ashby PCC Meeting


  • Due to the current critical situation with the coronavirus crisis, in order to keep church members and visitors safe, we have taken the tough yet caring decision to worship online and at home only for the time being.  We will review the situation in mid-February 2021.  You can join us for worship on Zoom or join in at home with our weekly Prayers and Reflections.  We will continue to keep in touch with church members by phone.  If you have any prayer requests, please contact Revd Katrina.  Funerals can take place in church in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

    Click here to find out how to sign up for Sunday Worship on Zoom.

    Click here for this Sunday's Prayers and Reflections for use at home (uploaded on Thursdays).

    To encourage people to Stay at Home and stay safe, we will not be opening our church buildings on Sunday afternoons.  You can still experience the timeless presence of our delightful churches, and visit loved ones' graves, on your once a day walks.

    Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults within this benefice

    In this benefice, we take safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously.  Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedure was adopted by the Benefice Church Council in September 2020.  It follows and is consistent with the Church of England's House of Bishops' Promoting a Safer Church - Safeguarding policy statement for children, young people and adults 2017 and Parish Safeguarding Handbook, and incorporates Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 and Care Act 2014.

    For more information and contact details, please follow this LINK.

    Reverend Katrina writes...

    A New Year has begun.  In the deep darkness of the coronavirus crisis light shines.  The light of hope that the vaccines bring to our lives.  Like me, you may have to wait some months to receive this protection.  Yet - the light of hope is dawning as the most vulnerable in our villages are being given the precious gift of freedom.  Freedom to live their lives without the fear of falling dangerously ill and dying, and the freedom - in time - to see family and friends that they have not met face-to-face for many, many months.  The freedom to socialise as we would wish may be months away, yet the possibility is dawning.  We need to be patient and live through the suffering and separation of these winter months.  January will be a tough month for many - especially those on the frontline of our health and care services - and we need to continue to keep a caring eye on those who live alone, care for family members or been touched in someway by the crisis.  It is how we can be God's light in the darkness: his light of love come close.

    On Sunday (January 24th), we will be exploring one of the best known stories of Jesus' time on earth: a wedding where the wine ran out before the end of the party!  Going to a wedding is such a special occasion.  Couples and their families want everything to be perfect on this most special of days.  When things go wrong, it can cause lasting heartache.  In this time of coronavirus, being a few bottles of wine short is the least of any wedding couple's worries.  It is being short of people who mean so much to them.  Having to decide whether or not to go ahead, and - if they do go ahead - who can be there is so very tough.  Some weddings in the days and months and years to come will be missing those who have been taken by the virus.  Having to wait... having empty chairs at your wedding... is so very hard, all you can do is stay strong in your love and trust that all will be OK.  Love is God's greatest and most generous gift to us.  It can last a lifetime.

    As you will see if you read the story of the Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12), God's love is an abundant and free-flowing gift!  And, at its best, it is a gift that involves God working in partnership with us.

    May you feel held by God's love and those who are dear to you at this time.

    God bless,

    Revd Katrina

    Here is a lovely prayer from the Church of England to help us be there for others, and to allow them to be there for us, in these challenging times:

    Lord Jesus Christ,
    you taught us to love our neighbour,
    and to care for those in need
    as if we were caring for you.
    In this time of anxiety, give us strength
    to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
    and to assure the isolated
    of our love, and your love,
    for your name's sake.

    For more of the Church of England's prayer resources to use at home, please follow this LINK.

    For a Children's guide to the Coronavirus, please follow this LINK.  It's been produced by the UK's Children's Commissioner and can be helpful for parents and carers too.

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