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    A warm welcome to the benefice of Mears Ashby, Hardwick, Sywell and Overstone.  Across our four historic churches, we offer a variety of services for people of all ages and stages in the Christian faith.  We have traditional Holy Communion and Evensong services, as well as more contemporary and informal All-age worship.  We also have regular coffee mornings (socials) and evening fellowship gatherings (faith discussions).

    Whether you are a regular churchgoer or someone seeking to know more about the Christian faith, we would love to welcome you at our services.  If you have any questions or requests, please contact our vicar Revd Katrina or e-mail the Benefice Team secretary.



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  • This Week

    Wednesday 23rd October

    7:30pm  Fellowship Evening

    Thursday 24th October

    0:00am  Overstone - Tree Shaw working in churchyard

    Friday 25th October

    0:00am  Overstone - Tree Shaw working in churchyard

    2:00pm  Sywell - Values Worship

    7:30pm  Hardwick - Thank You Concert

    Saturday 26th October

    0:00am  Overstone - Tree Shaw working in churchyard

    Sunday 27th October

    9:00am  Mears Ashby - Patronal Festival - Holy Communion with hymns

    11:00am  Overstone - Family Communion

    4:00pm  Hardwick - Remembering our loved ones

    Monday 28th October

    7:00pm  Mears Ashby - Choir Practice

    Tuesday 29th October

    2:00pm  Overstone - Clean and tidy vestry

    Saturday 2nd November

    10:00am  Mears Ashby - Coffee Morning

    Sunday 3rd November

    9:00am  Hardwick - Patronal Festival - Holy Communion with hymns

    11:00am  Sywell - Holy Communion with remembrance of loved ones

    6:00pm  Mears Ashby - Remembering our loved ones


  • Reverend Katrina writes...

    I wonder if, like me, you're wondering when and how a solution will be found to the Brexit problem.  Will All Hallows' Eve (Halloween) come and go without a resolution to the issue that's tearing our beloved country and political system apart?  Where we have got to reminds me of an incident on a team building course many years ago.  As a team we were trying to solve one of those tricky outdoors problems using a random mix of resources provided by the course leaders.  We'd come up with an idea which we thought might work... it involved the tallest yet slimmest team member stretching out on a board to grab the desire object.  Unfortunately, "Howard" couldn't quite reach it so we kept on encouraging him to snatch victory from the looming jaws of defeat.  At one point someone shouted, "Howard, go stiff!", which, as he wasn't a gymnast, circus acrobat or stunt artist, was an impossible instruction!  It also caused the rest of us to dissolve into fits of laughter!!!  Once we'd recovered from this, I said, "The instructors wouldn't want us to risk life and limb to solve this problem.  There must be a safer way of doing this.  Let's stop for a moment and give this some more thought."

    This hilarious incident taught us two valuable lessons.  First, when things aren't going to plan, be brave and take time out - to stop, review the situation, and revise the plan of action.  Sacrificing a little time can result in a better outcome.  My prayer is that our politicians and their advisers will make the time to "Stop - Review - Revise" and thus come up with a way forward that cares for the vulnerable and heals divisions.

    And the second is the importance of trust when faced with difficult problems.  Howard showed amazing trust in his colleagues: those who were holding the plank and those who were giving him advice.  He was willing to do his very best for the team.  Trust seems in short supply at this time.  We do not have unwavering trust across (or within) the political parties, or a desire to sacrifice one's own position for the sake of safe solution that is good for this country and the wellbeing of our post-Brexit relationships with Europe and beyond.  So, my other prayer is for the rebuilding of trust in and between politicians as they seek to move this issue on.  Meanwhile, I place this issue in God's loving hands, trusting that beneath all of this he is there, his arms ready and waiting to catch us - our safety net!

    It's quite fitting that the theme for this year's Remembrance Services - 75 years on from D-Day - is "Looking Forward to Peace".

    Every blessing,

    * * *   * * *

    Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults within this benefice

    In this benefice, we take safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously.  Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedure was adopted at a Benefice Church Council Meeting held on Thursday 9 May 2019.  It follows and is consistent with the Church of England's House of Bishops' 'Promoting a Safer Church 2017', 'Protecting All God's Children 4th Edition 2010', and 'Safer Recruitment Policy 2013' (Church of England and Methodist Church.

    For more details, please follow this LINK.