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I heard the voice of Jesus say,
'I am the dark world's light;
look unto me, thy morn shall rise,
and all thy day be bright.'

Horatius Bonnor (1808-1889)

In our Gospel reading, we encounter a man of deep faith, Bartimaeus.  Life has not been easy for him.  At some point, he has lost his sight and his job.  It has left him dependant on the charity and generosity of others  It would have been so easy for him to lose faith in God and give up hope.  Yet, he doesn't.  What an inspiration in us to trust in God's love even when we cannot see him at work in our lives solving our problems.

Enjoy meeting Bartimaeus and reflecting on his meeting with Jesus.

May the light of Christ be with you in the coming week..

Every blessing,

Revd Katrina (Vicar)

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